E-commerce / multi-channel retailing

Martec helps retailers set up an Internet channel, improve processes across all channels and ensure that your multi-channel operation runs profitably and with maximum effectiveness.

Internet retailing still accounts for a small proportion of sales for most retailers.  As multi-channel or cross channel retailing grows, you will start to see some challenges regarding organization, processes, KPIs and store sales cannibalization. 


Consulting Services

Martec will work with your team to:

  • Develop the optimum multi-channel processes and KPIs for your business focusing on organization structure, logistics, range and assortment, inventory management, marketing and customer service
  • Develop it optimum IT strategy and roadmap for a multi-channel environment
  • Health check your cross channel business to ensure you minimize the effects of cannibalization, measure and maximize profitability and benchmark against your peers.


IT Strategy and Systems Selection

IT budgets will have to get bigger to cope with cross channel retailing.  If you are contemplating new multi-channel or e-commerce systems, Martec will:

  • Ensure your team makes effective use of existing systems
  • Guide and assist the selection and implementation of new systems taking into account the demanding requirements multi-channel operation imposes.


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