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About Martec

Since July 1987, Martec has become a world leader in retail business process knowledge. It is also a world leader in training and related services for companies that sell to retailers.  We train the job roles that require deeper, more complex knowledge, where individuals can make a significant difference.

We assist retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to improve business performance, and we help technology suppliers, systems integrators, consultants and others to execute their go to market strategies with retailers and manufacturers more successfully.

We recently celebrated 35 years in business and received some lovely comments from those that have known us throughout this time.  If you would like to read them you can view them here


For retailers we train 

  • People in the field organization from potential store managers upwards.
  • People in a wide variety of headquarters roles including those who are new entrants to retailing or those who need to develop their skills in buying, merchandising, visual merchandising, supply chain management, Store Operations headquarters roles, such as space management, stores administration and loss prevention, E-Commerce and Omni-Channel retailing.
  • Specialists in Finance, IT, Human Resources, Real Estate, etc in general retail knowledge.

For consumer goods manufacturers we train

  • Sales, marketing and trade promotions people in understanding their retail and wholesale customers.
  • Supply chain staff in understanding their customers and where the synergies could be, in loss prevention best practices and inventory management.
  • Trade promotion people that need to understand category management processes and visual merchandising.
  • Direct to consumer people that now need to master some of the business processes that e-commerce and omni-channel retailers use.
  • General industry knowledge for those new to working in consumer goods companies and with retailers and wholesalers.

For suppliers to retail and consumer goods companies we train

  • Sales, marketing and delivery people in general industry knowledge, understanding industry financials and current trends, typical organization structures and key executive responsibilities.
  • Account management teams in solution selling based skills, such as target account analysis, interpretation of key performance indicators and determining target account key business objectives and critical success  factors.  Also developing approaches to addressing the account's key business objectives.
  • Solution delivery and implementation professionals to understand best practice business processes and how to help customers achieve improved performance objectives.

Martec International has clients in 38 countries and learners in 57.

A map of Martec client locations around the world


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