Retail Supply Chain Management Courses

At Martec International, our retail supply chain management courses provide learners with the skills they need to get ahead. Brought to you by subject-matter experts, our first-hand knowledge of the retail sector means you’ll have everything you need to excel.

Whether you work at a chain of small stores, a large network of big-name retailers, or something in between, our specialist retail courses can assist you or your staff in unlocking the next stage of a rewarding retail career.

Merchandise & Assortment PlanningMerchandise & Assortment Planning

Explore Our Supply Chain Management Courses for Retailers

Our online courses cover all the key aspects of retail supply chain management. Whether it’s people new to retail or those with some experience already, we can advise you on the right retail learning paths to develop yours or their skill sets and get you all where you need to be.

Consumer Goods Supply Chain


What is supply chain management? What are its key goals? This program of study answers these questions and:

  • Shows how supply chains  differ between market segments 
  • Defines various inventory types in the supply chain
  • Explains demand and sales forecasting
  • Addresses comprehensive inventory management
  • Covers relevant key performance indicators (KPIs)

Our Consumer Goods and Retail Supply Chain course is aimed at people responsible for selling or marketing to consumer goods companies and for those working in a retail establishment. 

For a full overview of what you will learn, click to see our Consumer Goods Suite course brochure.

Sales and Inventory Management


A wide range of retailers, consultants, and systems companies can benefit from our Sales and Inventory Management e-learning course, which: 

  • Introduces key principles and concepts in sales and stock management
  • Describes examples of best practice in these areas
  • Prepares learners to participate effectively in monthly reviews    

This course is suitable for any employees of your retail business involved in sales and inventory management, such as buyers, merchandisers and IT staff, or consultants and systems companies working with retail clients. 

For a full overview of what you will learn, click to see our Sales & Inventory Management brochure.

Merchandise and Assortment Planning


Through taking our online Merchandise and Assortment Planning course, you will learn:

  • The essential prerequisites for effective merchandise planning 
  • The steps involved in a top-down planning process 
  • The principles of assortment strategies and architectures
  • How to apply the concept of gross margin return on investment (GMROI) to ensure the link between gross margin and inventory is logical

This course is ideal for training merchandise and assortment planners and buyers. It entails making key decisions about assortment width and depth, explores good, better, and best architectures, and examines the appropriate individual products to stock. 

For a full overview of what you will learn, click to see our Merchandise & Assortment Planning brochure.

Our WIKI and Other Supply Chain Courses


What would be the right retail supply chain management course or combination for your needs? We are dedicated to helping you find out. 

Our wide range of courses also includes:

What’s more, our Retail and Consumer Goods WIKI (complimentary if you opt for our Performance Enhancer price option) is a treasure trove of industry-relevant information that learners can consult on an ‘as and when’ basis. We invite you to contact Martec International for further details.

Studying a Supply Chain Management Course with Martec

At Martec International, we are always striving to make our educational products for retailers as in-depth and easy  to navigate as possible. It is a strong testament to this effort that our classes have an average rating of 87% from thousands of learners.

Hear from Managing Director Brian Hume. Here, he outlines what you can expect from us and how we continue to hone the learning experience for retailers and learners worldwide:

Why Retailers Choose Us

We at Martec are passionate about helping retail businesses to overcome challenges specific to the sector.  With us, you or your learners can:

  • Ask the Expert: On any Martec-authored class, an Ask the Expert link allows you to ask questions about the study material provided and have your exercises reviewed by industry experts. This includes asking how to apply the knowledge gained from the course in your job.
  • Study when it suits you: Our online courses in retail supply chain management are readily accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Earn digital badges: You can obtain a digital badge for any Martec class by achieving a 70% pass mark and filling in an end-of-class survey.

We also periodically refresh class content in response to changes in the retail world, enabling you to easily keep pace with its developments.

Class Pricing Options

Our retail supply chain management courses are divided into the following three tiers. These differ in not only financial costs per learner but also the level of benefit likely to be achieved.

  • Induction: This program of study will, over a three-month period, prepare learners for making their first entry into the retail industry.
  • Professional: This intermediate tier is well-suited to helping existing retail workers ease their career progression within the field.
  • Performance Enhancer: With our most premium package, you will have instant access to our Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI/EPSS, plus a library of downloadable job aids to help day-to-day performance.

For more information on our prices, check out our class pricing structure.

Our Supply Chain Management Courses for Retailers: Your Questions Answered

If you work in retail, you might have a few questions about the supply chain management courses we offer. 

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the handling of the entire sourcing and production flow of goods and services. It includes the end-to-end processes from raw materials to the final product and its delivery to the end consumer.




Who Are the Courses For?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the handling of the entire sourcing and production flow of goods and services. It includes the end-to-end processes from raw materials to the final product and its delivery to the end consumer.



What is the Cost of Supply Chain Management Courses?

We have arranged these courses into the following three price tiers: 

  • Induction 
  • Professional
  • Performance Enhancer 

As a result, the courses represent great value for learners and businesses alike.

What Methods of Study are Available for Your Course?

What Methods of Study Are Available for Your Course?

Our courses can be broken down into individual modules and consequently made easily digestible. It also means you can study at your own pace.

Each course comes with narration as well as online notes for learners. We even go as far as providing downloadable summaries of content, while job aids are also provided where relevant.

Upskill Your Workforce with Our E-Learning Courses

At Martec, we pride ourselves on delivering expert-led classes that our learners can trust. Expect in-depth training that won’t leave you behind, advancing at your own pace with the ever-evolving world of retail. 

If you’d like to start your e-learning today, our specialists can advise you on which retail supply chain management courses to take - whether for yourself or your staff. Interested? Contact us today