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Martec International is a team of global experts in advanced retail training and consumer goods courses. We bring more than 35 years’ experience and a trusted service to professionals worldwide.

We help retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, and their technology, logistics, and other services suppliers to grow their sales, market share, and profitability.

With our unique, industry-specific training products, as well as performance support services, we serve clients in nearly 60 countries.  We have attracted outstanding customer reviews across the wide range of e-learning courses we offer.  We also proactively design new courses - and our experts keep themselves in the loop about evolving industry trends and best practices.

What we do for you
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What we do for you
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A class or a curriculum?
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A class or a curriculum?
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Delivery options
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Delivery options
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What we help you achieve
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What we help you achieve
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Who are we?
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Who are we?
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Why you should choose us
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Why you should choose us
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At Martec International, we work with a wide range of retailers and consumer goods manufacturers across six continents. We offer elearning courses and performance support tools to help them, and companies that sell products and services to them, improve their performance. These include:

  • Technology businesses
  • Accountants and consultants 
  • Third-party logistics companies

Perhaps you are a retail entrepreneur looking to dip your toe in the e-commerce waters, an established chain looking to improve performance, a consumer goods manufacturer seeking to reduce friction in its supply chain, or a supplier looking to use deep industry knowledge to do a better job for their customers.

We address a wide range of retail training needs with our online courses for companies and also classes for individuals looking to better themselves.

Top-Rated Retail Training & Courses to Maximize Productivity

We know first-hand what managers and executives do in the retail space. Our content creators have many years of management experience in retailing, consumer goods, logistics and related digital technology. For this reason, we also know the crucial dos and don’ts for getting the most out of your team.

With our wide range of retail training and courses, our clients benefit from: 

  • Improved business acumen 
  • Increased revenue and profit margins
  • Reduced employee churn
  • Boost in employee engagement and job satisfaction

What the stats say: According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report

  • Just 21% of employees are engaged at work
  • Only 33% are excelling in their overall wellbeing 

All this contributes to staff churn, which is high and continuing to rise.

Our industry training programs are designed to help employers turn the tide on falling engagement and wellbeing in the workplace.

Essential Consumer Goods Courses to Upskill Your Team

If you are in a field of work as complex as consumer goods, you may find it a struggle in deciding which type of training is right for you or your company’s needs. However, we are determined to make the process as easy as possible for people in your situation.

For learners seeking in-depth consumer goods courses, our curriculum covers: 

  • The typical structure of a consumer goods business 
  • How to make the most of the supply chain
  • Retail background and trends 
  • Direct-to-consumer operations 

What the stats say: The HR Exchange Network has reported that: 

  • 74% of employees do not think they are achieving their full potential
  • 94% of employees would remain with a company for longer if it invested in learning
  • Companies that spend on training can increase their profit margins by 24%

As a result of completing Martec courses, you can also earn digital badges that can be publicized online to potential future clients.

We take pride in how readily learners worldwide can tap into the e-learning experience we offer. And you won’t be going in blind either. Our brochures give you a real taste of what to expect, providing you with a detailed overview of the curriculum before you commit.

Once you have booked a course with us, there’s no delay. Start learning immediately or at any time during the period that your course license is active. At all points, you can progress through the modules at your own pace, and everything is safely stored for you to return to. 

Our courses include:

  • Easily digestible modules 
  • Full narration
  • Detailed online notes 
  • Downloadable summaries of content 
  • Job aids where relevant
  • Interactive videos and mastery tests

You can also test yourself with exercises where you will have additional opportunities to interact with course experts. Learn independently but not in isolation.

Class Pricing Options

Our class pricing options are split across two tiers of service:

  • Professional: This option provides three months access to a class plus 12 months access to our Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI and Performance Support System.
  • Performance Enhancer: Our most comprehensive package gives 12 months access to a course together with 12 months access to the WIKI.  After the initial term expire, learners can renew their access to the WIKI at a reduced subscription to continue to benefit from performance-enhancing tools and ad hoc access to critical industry information.

To reach - or help your employees to reach - a particular rung of the career ladder efficiently, you will need to apply the right training strategy. That’s where our career maps and learning paths come in.

We offer our clients a range of career maps, each tailored to a specific career trajectory. Learners can enter at any stage of their career, from your most recent hire fresh to the job to those more senior looking to advance, and easily map their next steps.

Depending on the career tracked, learning paths will differ in complexity. Some only include class modules, whereas others are more extensive, packed with additional supporting education, job aids, and tools to help improve personal performance.

Choosing the Right Learning Path with Martec International

How can you be confident that you are selecting the right learning path for your career needs? We’ve made it simple! And, as always, we’re here to offer support should you need it.

  • Take a look at the career maps - each features the various roles within an organization and its multiple learning paths
  • Select the job role that best reflects the path you need to train for
  • You can then view the associated courses and get started

By following these paths, learners are able to hone their specialist industry knowledge, not to mention enhance their career prospects for the future.

Capability academies are a modern take on employee training. They serve specific business objectives with content focused on addressing key company needs, by integrating:

  • Educational content 
  • Training programs 
  • Digital tools 
  • Mentors and coaches

The targeted approach of capability academies distinguishes them from corporate universities, which often have far more generalized content than a company can use. 

Capability academies make for a more valuable learning experience and makes it easier to upskill deaprtments or teams.. This gives businesses a much easier to measure, quantifiable return on investment.

Capability academies give CEOs an edge - and help businesses to maximize their potential in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

What This Means For Your Business

Capitalize on this forward-thinking approach, and equip your workers with new skills faster than competing companies can. 

The fruits of your employee labors here will show in your company’s customer service - and you can expect word to spread about the high-quality experience your business offers to employees and customers alike. 

All in all, our capability academies can help you to rein in costs while enhancing your company’s brand - its most significant asset.

We understand that you might continue to have some questions about our retail training programs. Detailed below are answers to select questions that we have often been asked about retail training.

If you remain unsure whether what we offer would be right for your business, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us so that we can learn and discuss your precise needs in depth.

What Is Retail Training?

The term ‘retail training’ covers education and supporting materials and tools designed to help learners benefit from the deep experience of retail experts.

We have harnessed our industry knowledge from working with retailers and consumer goods manufacturers across dozens of countries.

Today, we are firmly established as thought leaders - as demonstrated across products, Martec Minutes, blog posts, white papers, webinars, and job aids.

Is Retail Training Expensive?

We endeavor to make retail training as cost-effective as possible. We believe in ‘learning in the flow of work’. This is about giving learners the right knowledge at the right time - and all Martec courses are structured to facilitate this.

Our training courses are priced at two levels:

  • Professional
  • Performance Enhancer

This way, you won’t end up paying beyond what you really need.

What Topics Are Covered?

We are committed to full transparency with our content. To this end, we have stocked the Martec International website with information on all of the retail training topics we cover. 

Here is quick access to a sample of our most popular:

We invite you to explore the full range of our courses. We can advise you if you find yourself struggling to decide which of our retail performance improvement offerings would best meet your needs.

How Long Does Retail Training Usually Take?

The exact duration of retail training can depend on a multitude of factors - including the training program and the learner’s specific needs.

For example, a learner who takes only core units of a course can complete their training much sooner than other learners who focus on optional units as well. Meanwhile, some skills can be more time-consuming to master than others.

Martec courses are instantly available and designed for learners to go at their own pace. For more guidance on what the courses include, we provide a detailed outline in each course listing, guides to how other clients rated our classes, and how long the classes and learning paths typically take to study.

Whether you are looking to train just one person, an entire department, or your whole company, rest assured that we offer the solutions you need.

With learners across 6 continents, our reputation is underpinned by the sheer depth of our industry expertise. We train the job roles that require deeper, more complex knowledge and equip learners with the tools and knowledge they need to build both confidence and competence in their careers.

Our clients choose us for:

Our e-learning courses are available globally and have been proven to deliver results, enabling workers to flourish with their companies.

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Customer Testimonials


" I found the Fundamentals of Consumer Goods course very useful and it helped me to have a deep understanding of the core components and processes of Consumer Goods industry. "


Lead Solution Engineer, SalesForce




" We have a long-standing relationship with Martec and they are our prime provider of online Merchandise courses. Their courses are comprehensive and the online system is easy to navigate. The webinar sessions supporting the courses are certainly helpful as this gives our staff opportunity to clarify points mentioned in the course that they need more information about. Additionally, the hands on activities during the webinar sessions are challenging and Brian effectively walks the participants through the learning objectives of the activities. "


Senior Learning & Development Specialist, Dubai Duty Free


" I recently took Martec’s “Building the Business Case and ROI” eLearning course and found it very informative and helpful. The information is presented in a very organized, straightforward and clear manner. Martec shows you how to build a solid ROI model using commonly available financial statements and metrics. ROI estimates are often requested by prospects during sales cycles and what we took away from the training will enable us to help prospects justify investments and accelerate sales cycles. "


Head of Marketing, ToolsGroup