Consumer Goods Financials & KPIs

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This course gives an overview of the main financial statements and then explores the profit and loss account in detail.    Scroll down for course objectives and detailed content.

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Consumer Goods Financials & KPIs Course
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Consumer Goods Financials & KPIs

This course gives an overview of the main financial statements and then explores the profit and loss account in detail. It explains each term and how to read it and also gives advice on how to interpret what you are reading. It does the same for the balance sheet. One of the biggest assets in the balance sheet is inventory and the class explains how changes in inventory levels impact the balance sheet and the cash flow statement. It reviews the key performance indicators that matter most and concludes with an explanation of how the CAPEX (capital expenditure) process typically works. This class is a module of the Fundamentals of Consumer Goods suite.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This program is designed for:

  • People who sell or market to consumer goods companies (consumer packaged goods and consumer durables).
  • New hires to consumer goods manufacturers as part of their induction program and IT teams and others who need to understand the consumer goods business more fully.

Course Objectives

By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the key issues in a consumer goods company’s financial statements
  • Explain the most important key performance indicators for consumer goods companies
  • Formulate questions to explore with the company
  • Relate those to opportunities for your company
  • Explain the CAPEX process and describe how you can help make the financial case for your solutions.

Detailed Content

The detailed content includes:

  • An overview of consumer goods financial statements
  • The profit and loss account
  • Impact of the product life cycle on gross margins
  • SG&A expenses
  • The balance sheet
  • Formula recap
  • Evaluating changes in inventory
  • Key performance indicators reviewed so far
  • Other key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Reviewing the accounts
  • Example
  • Vendor questions to ask
  • Summary
  • Mastery test
  • Learners completing the mastery test and obtaining a 70% pass mark will also receive a mastery certificate upon completion.

Benefits of Studying This Program

Learners studying this program will gain familiarity with the consumer goods industry faster, shortening their path to full productivity. Product or service suppliers to consumer goods companies will more easily spot potential business opportunities.

Customer Feedback

A survey of 300 learners rated this class in response to 4 key questions as follows:

1. Has this course helped you achieve your personal goals?


2. Has this course helped you do your job better?


3. How likely would you be to recommend the course to a friend or colleague?


4. How would you rate the course overall?


Hours of Study

The average learner will complete this class in 2 hours.

Resources Included

The class includes the following downloadable resources for printing and review:

  • Summary of module
  • Key performance indicators used
  • Profit and loss analyzer

Pre-Requisites Necessary

None but it will be helpful to have studied the Consumer Goods Industry Overview class first if you have no previous experience in this industry.

After This Program

This program is a module from our Consumer Goods Industry Suite. The next logical program in developing learners’ knowledge will depend on your learning goals, but will most likely include further modules from Consumer Goods Industry Suite.  You can get more guidance from the Career Paths section of this web site.


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Customer Reviews

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By Rajesh P. on 29th October 2020
"Clear Explanation of each topic with examples."
Star Rating 4

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