CG Customer Services Learning Path

Consumer Goods Manufacturer - Customer Services Learning Path

The customer services learning path addresses the training needs for the various skill sets that people in the customer services functions need to fulfil their roles. Some consumer goods companies, for example, provide:

  • Category plans and category management services
  • Planograms to suit various circumstances
  • Vendor managed inventory services
  • Collaborative promotional and other planning.

This learning path can be tailored to suit the specific services your company provides. Select any of the circles along the path to find out more about each step.

A learning path covering the areas of knowledge Customer Services staff for a Consumer Goods company may need. Category Management Discovery Interview Questions Merchandise & Assortment Planning Demand Forecasting in Retail and CG Allocation and Replenishment Sales and Inventory Management Consumer Goods Financials & KPIs KPI Analyzer Tool Space Management and Visual Merchandising Space Management Checklists Retail and Consumer Goods WIKI/EPSS Digital Badge Program