Class Pricing Options

Martec offers two levels of pricing corresponding to two levels of service – Professional and Performance Enhancer.  The following table shows what each option includes:



The professional licence is for those who need to absorb the class material fairly quickly.  Hence the licence term is 3 months.  We recommend limiting study on any one day to 30 to 45 minutes. Three months gives plenty of time to do this.  We include the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI and EPSS for 12 months, as this will allow for revision and accessing a wider information set when needed.  At the end of the 12 month term for the WIKI, it can be renewed at a very affordable rate.

Each class has a mastery test with a 70% pass mark.  If a learner passes the mastery test and then completes the end of class survey, they will be emailed a class certificate and will also receive a digital badge if the class was purchased through our web site.  If they are learners from a corporate client, they will also receive a badge if their company participates in our badge program.

Some classes are NASBA certified, these will result in NASBA specific certificates and badges.  

You can learn more about our badge program here.

All classes have downloadable resources, which can be stored and printed as necessary.  The WIKI also includes a wide variety of checklists and job aids.

If a group of 10 or more learners study a complete suite or learning path to the same timetable (such as a September graduate intake might) , classes can be followed with a live instructor webinar to practice some of the skills taught in the class at an additional cost.

Performance Enhancer

The Performance Enhancer option has a 12 month class licence to allow more time for deeper revision sessions after the initial learning takes place. It also includes access to the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI/EPSS and a library of downloadable job aids and checklists to help day to day performance of daily duties and responsibilities.  The Performance Enhancer licence includes all the items included in the Professional licence, plus a number of additional items described below.

After year one of the Performance Enhancer subscription, learners will be able to renew their licence to the WIKI at a much reduced rate to continue to benefit from the performance enhancing tools, WIKI enhancements and new content, and rapid access to knowledge queries.

In addition, Performance Enhancer learners can make use of the Ask the Expert facility in each class, which allows them to send queries to Martec on elements of the class that might not have been completely clear and ask questions about how to apply the knowldege in their day to day work.

As downloadable resources are updated and new ones added to a class, they will be emailed to learners free of charge, as long as they or their corporation has a current WIKI licence.

If a company purchases a group of at least 10 seats for a suite or learning path, the enhanced licence includes two live instructor webinars to help re-affirm and practice key skills.  Additional webinars can be added for a modest cost.  

When you purchase a class from the Shop there will be an option to check the specific Professional and Performance Enhancer prices which allows you to select the best option for you.

Digital Badges and Certificates of Achievement

As of 24th March 2023 digital badges are issued to learners who have passed a class mastery test and completed the end of class survey.  The digital badge can be uploaded to LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages and Twitter Feeds.  Anyone clicking on the badge will see a description of what knowledge and skills the learner has achieved by graduating the class (known as metadata).

Employers can receive reports of which employees have posted their badges.

Optionally, learners can download a PDF of a printable certificate similar in style to many class graduation certificates, but als containing a QR code.  This code can be scanned to display the metadata behind the certifcate.

The metadata is provided through a secure cloud service.

Downloadable Resources

Downloadable resources are updated from time to time.  If the learner or their corporation has a valid licence when updated resources are published, these will be emailed to learners whose email address we hold. We source these from the end of class survey process or from order forms, when orders are first placed.