GDPR Statement

How do we source our data?

Martec’s business data is pooled from a variety of sources including Companies House data; together with desk, telephone and web research.

What Personal Information do we collect?

The amount of personal information we hold is limited to:

  • Named contacts in corporate entities with job titles and major responsibility area.
  • Business email, addresses in corporate entities and work telephone numbers.

Business-to-business email communications

Emails to the employees of corporate entities – limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability partnerships and government departments can be emailed without consent, where there is a “legitimate interest” case.  Individuals must be given a clear and easy means of opting-out from future communications.

What restrictions are there on the use of a database for marketing?

The following broad principles apply:

  • All communications must be relevant and proportionate.
  • All communications should clearly identify the end-user of the data and must contain a clear opportunity to opt-out from future correspondence.
  • Keep data up to date through periodic – but not intrusive – contact, and record any changes.
  • All requests to opt out must be honoured as promptly as possible.
  • All requests from individuals to be provided with a copy of the information held on them must be provided free of charge in a reasonable time period.
  • Individuals can exercise "a right to be forgotten" which means that we must which means that we must delete them from our systems except in special circumstances.  The main one is that we cant delete data on individuals who purchased classes before the HMRC statutory 5 year period expires, as it has to be legally available for audit.   

How is the data cleaned?

Ad hoc updates are made as they arise.

After each mailing, unsubscribes are updated first and all contacts where our email service says they bounced, are updated accordingly in our database.  Bounces may be hard or soft. We cannot tell from our mailing results.  We just know that it is one or the other.  Hence for most of our mailings we do not select records marked as bounced.  Once or twice a year we do select bounced records so that we can remove those that are undeliverable.

Martec respect the rights of individuals to have their details removed from our active file at any time.

Although the UK has left the European Union, UK data protection law still mirrors the EU GDPR legislation.  Martec applies these regulations across all the countries where we have customers, many of which are not in the EU.