Career Paths

  • Three new hires about to follow Martec's career paths to guide their training.

Career path maps show the various roles in an organization and the progression from entry level roles to senior roles. Each role for entry level staff up to management positions has an associated learning path.

Learning paths are recommended sequences of training designed to equip learners to master the key industry skills in their role. They help individuals plan a training strategy for themselves or to help managers and executives plan training strategies for their individual departments or the company. Select any of the business areas below to view a typical career path for that area and drill down into the most appropriate learning path for your needs.

New hires to the company, who join at a higher level than induction, may benefit from studying learning paths more junior to their new role, if they haven't had similar training before, or equivalent work experience in their previous roles.

These job roles are generic to each role and individual company circumstances may differ. You can edit these learning paths to create the ideal solution for your company. 


Consumer Goods

Technology Suppliers, Consultants and Others

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Some learning paths only include class modules. Others include supporting education, job aids and tools to help improve personal performance. These are provided through links to the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI and EPSS, so that individuals can do a fast lookup of specific things they need to know right now. The individuals can also read the relevant pages now to enhance their learning during the training program. 

A good example of this is Manufacturing. Martec’s consumer goods suite of training focuses on supply chain, finance, sales and marketing, trade promotions, direct to consumer and the interactions between consumer goods company departments and their opposite numbers in retail and wholesale. It does not currently include content on any aspect of manufacturing. However, the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI and EPSS does include a signifcant amount of content on manufacturing. Hence learners can use a mixture of interactive e-learning and reading to meet a wider set of needs.

To benefit from the WIKI subjects and tools, learners will either need to have Performance Enhancer licences for the respective classes, or a separate WIKI subscription. Learners in companies that have a corporate licence will need the company to have a WIKI licence. You can find more details in our Pricing page.   

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