Consumer Goods Company Induction Learning Path

A consumer goods company induction program will include a number of things such as:

  • Introduction to the company, its mission, culture, target customer segments, objectives and how it beats its competition
  • The support structure for new hires
  • Company specific training 
  • One or more site visits.

This induction learning path provides good insight to new hires joining consumer goods manufacturers for the first time. It includes modules about consumer goods companies and also about the retail customers these companies sell to.  
If a new hire has some relevant experience, then some modules can be excluded, depending on what their experience covers. Other activities might be included for individuals entering more senior roles.

Select any of the circles along the path to find out more about each step.

Learning path showing a complete training program for new hires joining a Consumer Goods manufacturing company. Consumer Goods Industry Overview Consumer Goods Organization Consumer Goods & Retail Supply Chain Wholesalers Overview of the Retail Industry Overview of Key Retail Processes Buying & Merchandising Overview Retail and Consumer Goods WIKI/EPSS Digital Badge Program