Martec's Learning Management System

Management of Your Learning

Individual users who buy one or a few classes will be hosted on Martec’s learning management system (LMS), which provides access control and full tracking.  There is no charge for using our LMS in this circumstance.

Corporate clients generally host our classes on their own LMS. However, if the client does not have one, they can host and run the classes on our LMS.

We use the Upskill People Learning Management System, which has been specifically developed for companies operating in multiple countries, with a specific focus on retailing and consumer goods.
We use this system to provide our clients with detailed feedback on how their learners are progressing, to reduce the burden on HR departments and to help manage employee career development. Thousands of learners have their training progress managed through this system. In addition to the Martec portfolio of retail and consumer goods skills training, Upskill People also offers an additional portfolio of e-learning classes, which can help HR departments provide a more comprehensive service to their internal users.  Clients also have the option of hosting their in-house developed classes on the same platform.

Login page of Martec's learning management system

More Details on The LMS

The Learning Management System provides the following capabilities:

  • It helps managers who pay for training track the progress and achievement of their employees
  • It helps manage learning content you have built in house, or content you licence from Martec International Ltd, Upskill People or other third-party content providers. The only restriction is that all content must conform to industry standards, notably SCORM or AICC.
  • It manages communication with your learners. You can issue reminders, nudge people when you need to and identify individuals that need extra coaching.
  • It provides tools to help you motivate learners and provide them with recognition when they have mastered a new skill.
  • Employees can study at work or at home as it suits them and you. You can easily identify the individual choices people are making.  Some of your most valuable employees will be people that give up their free time to train, and you can identify those easily.
  • It provides reporting and enquiry tools so you can see how many people should be taking a course, whether they have started, how much progress they have made and whether they are building mastery as they go. 
  • It lets you manage individuals through a curriculum not just through individual classes. 
  • It provides management reporting and analysis, so that executives can get a complete understanding of how a program is working or how a particular department is performing. 
  • You can create employee surveys, for example, to measure how much they feel their confidence has improved after a certain training program, or how valuable they found the program.
  • You can brand the LMS in your brand and style, if you prefer. This is especially useful if you are undertaking a major change management program.
  • The LMS supports 40 or more languages, so you can manage deployment in local languages where appropriate. (Note Martec class content is only available in English).

Benefits of Using The LMS


Using the Martec/Upskill People LMS allows you to:

  • Get learners started on training faster
  • Benefit from the R&D already invested by Martec and Upskill People in the LMS and their respective course portfolios
  • Track employee progress and achievement, thereby maximizing results
  • Help you assess the value of training and demonstrate its return on investment to the company
  • Plan employee career development helping improve employee retention
  • Manage the size and skill level of your talent pool thereby avoiding unnecessary recruitment costs
  • Promote the value of the training function in your organisation
  • Save costs due to the nature of the cloud service cost structure verses in-house LMS licencing.


If you are using Martec or Upskill People training classes, there is no charge for the use of the LMS, only the costs of the classes themselves.

You can also load your own training programs to run under the LMS or classes bought from other third parties. In this event, please contact us to discuss your precise needs and we will provide a specific quotation.

Next Steps

To learn more about the Martec International Learning Management System and service specifically, please download our brochure or contact us directly. We will be happy to help.