Introduction to Store Operations

Introduction to store operations e-learning course
Store operations largest assets
Store operations structure
Introduction to store operations e-learning courseStore operations largest assetsStore operations structure
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This course explores the importance and structure of Store Operations and the day-to-day tactical responsibilities of field based Store Operations teams.

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Introduction to Store Operations - Retail Fundamentals

This course is a module of the Fundamentals of Retail suite and explores the importance and structure of Store Operations and the day-to-day tactical responsibilities of field-based Store Operations teams.

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Who Is It Suitable For?

This program is designed for:

  • People who sell or market to retailers, especially IT suppliers.
  • It will also benefit consumer goods manufacturers who sell directly to retailers.
  • And is valuable as part of induction training for retail management trainees and for retail IT teams and others in retailing who need to understand the retail business more fully.


Detailed Content

The detailed content includes:

  • The store operations division
  • Organization structure
  • KPIs used in-store operations
  • Store operations strategy and tactics
  • Space management
  • Store administration and physical plant maintenance
  • Loss prevention
  • Store operations and human resources
  • Summary
  • Mastery test
  • Learners completing the mastery test and obtaining an 80% pass mark will also receive a mastery certificate upon completion.


Benefits of Studying This Program

Learners studying this program will gain familiarity with the retail industry faster, shortening their path to full productivity.


Customer Feedback

A survey of 30 of our learners rated this class in response to 4 key questions as follows:


Has this course helped you achieve your personal goals?
Has this course helped you do your job better?
How likely would you be to recommend the course to a friend or colleague?
How would you rate the course overall?


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Hours of Study

1 to 2 hours


Resources Included

The class includes the following downloadable resources for printing and review:

  • Summary of Store Operations Processes
  • Store Visit Analysis Tool with Example
  • Covid Store Safety Checklist



The price for a single student is US $45, or UK £36 or EU €41.  This includes one year’s access to the class.

Corporate licences are available.


Pre-Requisites Necessary

Retail Background and Trends is a good pre-cursor to this module.


After This Program

This program is a module from our Fundamentals of Retail training suite. The next logical program in developing learners’ knowledge is E-Commerce and Omni-Channel Retailing.

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