Consumer Goods

23rd January 2019

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23rd January 2019 Length of E Learning Courses

Recently, one of our clients asked us whether we could make an e-learning course about profit and loss statements (P&L) in our Retail Financials course shorter. Could we cover ...

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7th November 2018 Top 10 tips for launching elearning programs in your company

Some of these may sound obvious but it is surprising how often they are overlooked. Tell everyone how to access the training (make it easy, give them a link and remind them of ...

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12th September 2018 Making E Learning More Engaging

Martec offers both e-learning and instructor-led training in retail industry knowledge, retail skills and related topics. One of the comments we get all the time from our clients ...

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29th August 2018 Four tips to make e learning work better

Keep it short and sharp. It’s best to study for a maximum of 30 minutes a day. This helps it sink in and allows you to think about how you apply the knowledge to your job. ...

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17th April 2018 How Difficult is developing the ROI on Store Training?

Many retailers do not invest enough in training store personnel.  Many Learning and Development Departments find it hard to build a satisfactory return on investment case.  ...

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