Supply chain management

Improve multi-channel supply chain efficiency with better availability and enhanced customer service, through better business processes, skills and technology.


Consulting Services

Martec's team of supply chain consultants specializes in the following areas:

  • Development of a multi-channel supply chain strategy
  • Audit of effectiveness of current supply chain processes
  • Implementation of fast fashion and speed sourcing processes
  • Assistance in implementing vendor partnerships and collaboration
  • Development of multi-channel warehouse and distribution center strategies and multi-level inventory policies
  • Integration of warehouse / DC processes with buying, merchandising and store operations.


IT Strategy and System Selection

If you are planning to implement new supply chain systems Martec will:

  • Ensure your team makes effective use of existing supply chain management systems and information
  • Guide and assist the selection and implementation of new systems (e.g. warehouse management / WMS, vendor portals, allocation and replenishment) including evaluating vendors.



Martec has four supply chain options which can be tailored or blended to suit your requirements:

  • Instructor-led supply chain management course
  • Instructor-led forecasting, allocation and replenishment course
  • Instructor-led merchandise optimization course
  • Fast fashion and speed sourcing instructor-led class .


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