Independent Retailer Training

Martec is a specialist retail training and consulting company. We carry out training for many retailers across the world. Recently we carried out some training for Mid Sussex Council for their independent retailers which comprised a series of 6 workshops and one to one coaching sessions plus the marketing to recruit the retailers to the sessions. We are very flexible and the topics and approach can be changed to meet your requirements. So do get in touch to discuss how we can out together a programme that works for your area.


“We were taking an average of £600 to £700 a day. Then, after the Martec workshop this week on visual merchandising we spent the afternoon re-organising the shop and putting into practice everything we had learnt. The next day we had sales of £2,000! We’d almost tripled our previous daily takings. And everything we did was free to implement too. It isn’t a fluke either. This week our sales were up £5,000 on the previous week”

Tom Bucknell, Co-Owner, Tina Bucknell Fashion, Burgess Hill  


Half day workshops - suggested topics

Retail marketing

  • Advertising – what is your strap line / key marketing message, advertising for free (or almost), direct customer communications e.g. email
  • Promotions, planning, during and afterwards, key principles of promos, assessing their impact
  • Web site and social media – what will work with your customer profile and how to make as much impact as possible with least effort
  • Local events – merchandising to capture extra sales, improving conversion rates, planning prior to events, joint activities with complementary businesses, pavement sales and pop up shops


  • Space management and getting the optimum layout
  • Store approach and entrance
  • Windows – mannequins, seasonal windows, sales windows and tying in to your web site
  • Product positioning, adjacencies and affinities, dead spots, use of check outs
  • Signage dos and don’ts
  • Displaying different product types – use of furniture, using a colour palette, colour blocking, hanging garments, add on items, folded garments, clearance

 Sales and customer service

  • Improving conversion rates
  • Avoiding “no thanks, I’m just looking”
  • Selling add on items to increase profitability
  • Repeat and referral customers – increasing loyalty
  • Closing the sale

 Honing your retail strategy

  • Competition analysis
  • Customer segmentation – identifying your 5-6 main customer types and using this to sharpen up your buying, marketing and sales techniques (incredibly popular and useful)
  • Identifying your Unique Selling Propositions – what makes you special?
  • Your market opportunity and widening your market and uncovering hidden opportunities
  • Retail financials and profitability drivers

 Range/Assortment Planning

  • Competitor analysis
  • Range architecture – good, better, best
  • Customer types
  • Product selection and pricing

 Inventory management

  • Buying for your customer base now
  • When and how to markdown
  • It’s all about your cash
  • Open to Buy management
  • How much stock do you need?




Individual Coaching Sessions

This is a coaching session lasting about 2 hours held in the retailer’s shop.  It can focus on particular problem areas or can be an independent review of problem areas and recommendations for improving sales and profitability. The review is carried out by a Martec consultant with at least 10 year’s retail experience and 20 years consulting experience.  All recommendations are cheap or free to implement and designed to make a difference quickly.

Costs and Business Terms

Half day or evening workshops cost £1,200 per workshop.

Two hour coaching sessions at an individual retailer’s shop costs £500.

We can put together a database of independent retailers in your area and carry out all the marketing for the training. Costs depend on what is required.

VAT and expenses are added to these costs. They include preparation, travel time and follow up.

About Martec

Martec International is an independent retail training and consulting company staffed by former retailers with many years’ experience in mainstream retail.  We are known for our practical, yet inspirational training that really transforms businesses and improves their profitability.


“February was almost £800 up on the previous year and the store is open one day a week less now. We used to take about £200 on a Monday, but now close, so effectively my £800 increase also includes recovering another £800 for the Monday closing. I have started a programme of gradually increasing margins where sensible, on Martec's advice, and these increases are reflected in the annual monthly comparison figures. The Martec recommendations have been really effective and have made a big difference to my business.”

Gill Stenning, Ninkasi, Burgess Hill


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