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The Retail and Consumer Goods (R&CG) EPSS is a knowledge bank of retail and consumer goods industry information and an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS), which includes a library of downloadable tools and job aids, together with easily searchable content to help you excel.   Scroll down for course objectives and detailed content.

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Retail and Consumer Goods WIKI & EPSS | Martec International
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Retail and Consumer Goods EPSS


The objectives of the Retail and Consumer Goods EPSS are to help you when:

  • You need more depth of information on key aspects of retailing or the consumer goods sector, such as security and loss prevention, e-commerce and omni-channel retailing, selling space management and visual merchandising, etc.
  • You need a key piece of knowledge right NOW!
  • You want to prepare for an important business meeting
  • You need to address a specific need in either the retail or the consumer goods manufacturing industries
  • You need to develop a sales or key account plan
  • You need to define a company’s potential business needs


The R&CG EPSS is a curated knowledge bank of retail and consumer goods industry information and an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS).  It is easily searchable to find just the information you need, just when you need it, together with a series of downloadable tools and job aids to help you significantly increase your level of performance and results.

As you can see from the diagram, there are 6 major sections:

  • Industry – containing content describing the complete retail and consumer goods supply chain, the organizations involved, their contributions, the industry segmentation, core characteristics of each type of business, plus all the key trends you need to be aware of. In addition, it includes the structure and typical norms for the key financial statements in each segment plus the technology used in each functional area.
  • Organization – describes the typical retail and consumer goods company’s organization structures, the key functions, and the executives that run them, their main responsibilities, pain points and business challenges, and their individual key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • KPIs – explains the individual key performance indicators in detail, what they mean, how they are calculated, how far they are shared across the organization and what you can do to improve them.
  • Processes – contains descriptions of the key business processes in each functional area in retailing and consumer goods manufacturing and marketing, based on industry best practice.
  • Solutions – describes how a business can achieve its goals. For example, if a company wants to grow sales or improve its gross margin, it explains the approaches and potential solutions it can deploy to achieve those goals.
  • Sales – for technology, consumer goods companies and other suppliers to retail companies, this section identifies how to structure sales campaigns to adopt a solution selling approach, and provides many templates on the desk research to do, how to analyze it, how to structure an account or sales plan, who to approach, best ways to make initial contact, what questions to ask in discovery meetings and so on.

The menu structure makes it easy to find relevant content, but the product also includes an extremely fast search function, which will present a shortlist of pages to examine for the precise information you need.

Who Is It For?

  • New hires to retailers, consumer goods companies, wholesalers and technology or IT related service providers working in the retail or consumer goods manufacturing industries.
  • Retailers in all the core retail functions, such as buying, merchandising, store operations, e-commerce, marketing, finance, warehousing and distribution, supply chain management, human resources, etc.
  • Consumer goods personnel working in sales, marketing, trade promotion management, category management, planogramming, manufacturing, IT, supply chain management, human resources, etc., especially those involved in the interface between the consumer goods manufacturer and its retail or wholesale customers.
  • Consultants, systems integrators, software developers and their sales and marketing teams who need to know more about the industry segments they serve

Benefits of the EPSS

  1. Learning in the flow of work.  The retail and consumer goods industry EPSS allows users to dip in and out to get specific pieces of knowledge, or guidance on how best to do various key tasks and processes, whenever they need to and to engage with the product just for the time to meet their immediate need.  Sessions can be as long as necessary and as short as a few minutes.
  2. The product includes hard to find estimates of retail industry KPIs to help assess individual company performance.
  3. New hires with no previous industry experience can study Martec’s relevant e-learning classes and then use the R&CG EPSS as part of their continuing reinforcement to achieve and retain proficiency thereafter.
  4. The service is cloud-based and continuously maintained by Martec International Ltd, so that information stays current and valuable.
  5. Corporate clients have the possibility to house some of their own content in a secure manner, only accessible to their employees. 


Corporate licences are available to organizations wishing to support a large number of potential users at substantial discounts.  Quotations can be supplied on request.  For more information click the Enquire button below.

Next Steps

To learn more about the EPSS send us a message about what else you would like to know and we will respond promptly.  You can also visit our Career Paths tab on this web site to see how the EPSS fits in with our e-learning class-based learning paths for the different job roles in your organization.

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