Merchandising Job Description

Merchandising Job Description

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Product: JD02

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A better way to create job descriptions. You use our comprehensive spread sheet to select the seniority, areas of responsibility, experience required, education level and systems experience needed. The tailored job role then appears, the unnecessary parts are hidden. To provide a detailed understanding of omni-channel challenges and issues

  • Includes all merchandising job roles you will need including merchandise manager, senior merchandiser, merchandiser, assistant merchandiser, merchandise planner, assortment planner and allocator / distributor.
  • Creates tailored job descriptions or specifications that work for your company and the way you are organized
  • Works well for roles which are not industry standard across all retailers
  • Easy to use and totally flexible, we recognize that all retailers are different
  • Comes with a short guide to help you decide on the most sensible structure for your company
  • Developed by experienced consultants with great practical experience working in different retail businesses worldwide
  • Works for large and small retailers
  • Allows you to create a job description in minutes
  • Use to validate and improve your current job descriptions for companies that already have something in place

What You Get

  • A spread sheet for creating merchandising job descriptions at all levels for all retailers
  • A short guide to help you use the spread sheet and decide how best to structure the role and plan your department