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30th November 2018

In this section you will find all blogs relevant to Buying, Merchandising and Category management.

23rd March 2018 Inventory productivity is about efficiency not economies of scale

We’ve done some analysis on data from 28 UK based fashion retailers.  They have all filed data at the UK Companies House, an official Government Department. The horizontal ...

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19th February 2018 Use Your Customer Knowledge

  This chart shows a typical consumer decile analysis.  If you have an online channel, you should be able to produce this for your online customers.  If you have a ...

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5th February 2018 Some easy, but not so obvious, ways to reduce your safety stock

Martec has carried out many projects for retailers where the goal has been to reduce safety stock.  Normally we’ve reduced store / SKU forecast error by at least 10%. So ...

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10th January 2018 Creating the optimum assortment using good, better, best

Creating the perfect assortment means juggling a number of different considerations. These tips are based on project experience with our clients Follow a good, better, best philosophy. ...

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10th January 2018 Four top tips for better allocation and replenishment

If you don’t have the world’s best allocation and replenishment software there are still things you can do to improve your allocation and replenishment effectiveness. Here’s ...

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