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30th November 2018

In this section you will find all blogs relevant to Buying, Merchandising and Category management.

30th November 2018 Who Owns GMROI and Shrink?

  A user of one of our training programs contacted me recently. He took the mastery test and challenged the answers that came up in the question shown above. He thought that ...

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29th November 2018 Four top tips for better allocation and replenishment

If you don’t have the world’s best allocation and replenishment software there are still things you can do to improve your allocation and replenishment effectiveness.  ...

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10th August 2018 Limitations of Averages When Forecasting Rates of Sale

Many people use averages for forecasting (daily or weekly rate of sale), but it does mean you always under replenish sales as you go into a peak and over replenish sales coming out ...

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25th July 2018 Managing Your Sell Out The Equal Covers Replenishment Method

For some fashion retailers, it is important that a style sells out everywhere it is stocked at the same time, at least as closely as we can manage it. The equal covers method aims to ...

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22nd June 2018 8 tips for better initial allocations

Initial allocations (or first injections) should be enough to cover forecast sales before replenishment can kick in, plus a safety stock. And for many retailers this can be 40 to 60% ...

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7th June 2018 Demand is demand at a price

  Forecasts are almost always generated given the current price of the items being forecasted.  However, once a forecast is made, it is possible to revise the forecast ...

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16th May 2018 Using Lost Sales Information to Improve Availability by 10%

Most non-food retailers don’t measure availability and don’t estimate lost sales.  Yet in grocery (where lost sales are measured more consistently) various studies ...

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2nd May 2018 Planning and Evaluating Promotions

When planning promotions it is important to define the objective for each promotion.  In a previous post, one objective was to move customers up the price point scale.  Here’s ...

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16th April 2018 Hi Lo vs EDLP Where to Promote

  When you are planning promotions, where should you aim to invest your promotional reductions? In an earlier posting I described the good, better, best philosophy of range ...

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9th April 2018 Performance Review and Sales Forecasting in Fashion

    This chart summarizes the merchandise management process.  We will explore aspects of this chart in future blog posts.  This time I want to address performance ...

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