Grow Profits By Adding Martec's E Learning Classes To Your Portfolio

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Grow Profits by Adding Martec's Classes to Your Product Portfolio

KPMG research has suggested that online learning is the fastest growing market in the education industry, with a whopping 900% growth rate since 2000. This, combined with the adverse effects on in person training as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, has meant the e-learning industry offers significant opportunities.

The potential benefits of e-learning to businesses around the world are becoming more apparent and as a result, the lucrative e-learning distribution market has emerged to help match quality e-learning products with the learners that want access them.

Here at Martec we have used our 35+ years of retail experience to create an extensive online retail and consumer goods curriculum that caters to 21st century e-learning. The benefits our products can have for companies are profound and consequently there are rewarding opportunities for distributors to sell our products around the globe in what is now a truly connected society.

We believe the retail and consumer goods market is something that for the most part has been underserved by businesses around the world. There is significant demand amongst these companies to bring about solutions to high staff turnover, improve business processes and recover effectively from Covid. This can be solved by providing our effective industry training to onboard graduate intakes, retail staff and new hires without previous industry knowledge in order to increase productivity.

Martec is opening up opportunities for potential distributors in North America, India, the Middle East, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Already, learners from over 55 countries study our e-learning and rate it very highly in surveys. Distributors already selling e-learning products, for example, have the scope to make significant headway into the retail and consumer goods sectors whilst also being able to sell their complimentary products at the same time.

Martec is ultimately looking for distributors who:

  • Have a local presence and market knowledge
  • Have a sales and marketing operation
  • Are willing to invest time and resources to be successful
  • May already be in the e-learning market and can step sideways, or already sell to retailers, consumer goods or technology vendors servicing these sectors
  • May already have relationships with retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, consulting firms or technology providers.

We can benefit you as a distributor by providing:

  • An attractive margin on sales
  • The ability to sell these in addition to your products or services to the same customers and achieve economies of scale in selling costs
  • Access to our end user customer services program to maximize the probability of licence renewals.
  • Marketing and sales support and access to our retail and consumer goods database.

Find out more about whether your company should become a distributor of Martec products here.

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Posted by Brian Hume
13th September 2022

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