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Martec International is the leading retail training provider and consumer goods training company. Thanks to our comprehensive retail training, you'll be provided with key retail or consumer goods skills training, business process knowledge, and insights for the key challenges facing retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. Our online courses also develop skills for IT suppliers, consultants, and logistics companies that provide these companies with relevant products and services. As leading retail training providers, Martec's business courses will provide retail solutions tailored to your company.

Martec Training - Our target customers include:

Retailers and wholesalers

Consumer goods (CG) companies

Technology suppliers, consultants and systems integrators (for retailers and consumer goods companies)

Marketing services companies that promote services to retailers and consumer goods companies

Other service providers to retail and consumer goods manufacturers, such as logistics companies.


What We Do - Retail Training Provider

Grow retail sales and profits

We help clients:

Increase their industry knowledge

Improve their business processes

Develop their skills

Improve their business acumen and

Grow sales and profits, primarily through our industry leading training programs and related services

We help companies who sell products and services to retailers and consumer goods companies and those who market, sell, and deliver to those companies, providing them with tailored retail and consumer goods solutions.

We are a worldwide retail training provider, via our advanced e-learning consumer goods and retail training products and related consulting services, based on over 40 years of industry experience working with many of the world's retailers and consumer goods firms, across all sizes of business. Companies from approximately 38 countries across 6 continents have used Martec training for skills development and insight into the retail industry.

Most recently, those companies come to us for our thought-leading insight on how to recover sales and profitability and build in long term sustainable operations, following the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, the negative impacts of Covid-19 will last for several years yet and will affect almost every aspect of running a retail business, or responding to retailers as a supplier of good or services. You can download our free white paper Recovering Sales and Profitability after Covid to get an overview of the many future adjustments you may need to make.


What Makes Martec Training Unique in the Retail and Consumer Goods Markets

What Makes Martec's Retail Solutions Training unique is the combination of:

Our passion and enthusiasm for solving our clients’ challenges

Our sheer depth of industry and process knowledge in our chosen market segments, gained as managers and executives in line management positions. We bring first hand knowledge of what your managers, store teams, and executives do and what really works.

Our knowledge is built across 38 countries with more to come, so we design to suit local cultures.

Our outstanding thought leadership. This is demonstrated in our products, blogs, webinars and job aids. You can see some of this in the Resources section of this web site.

What we do improves your business performance, profitability and sustainability.

It also improves the business acumen of your staff, managers and executives.

Our clients give us very high scores for the quality of our content.

reviews for Martec InternationalSurvey results from over 1,900 learners who studied our programs in 2020 gave us an average score of 4.3 out of 5 in response to questions such as “Has this course helped you do your job better” and “How likely would you be to recommend the course to a friend or colleague?”


 Our consumer goods and retail solutions are based around:

The most respected e-learning content for our core markets anywhere in the world.

A portfolio of add on services that help your managers and staff get the most from our programs.

A series of job aids and related resources that enhance the practical application of what we teach.

You can learn more about how we achieve these scores in our paper entitled “Using E-Learning to Improve Business Outcomes”.


Consumer Goods and Retail Training Delivery Options Available

Our retail training is delivered on demand via the Internet.

Clients have a choice of retail training or consumer goods training delivery options:

Individuals can buy a class for their own training need using the options below to help them choose the right product. They can also use our recommended learning paths to guide them in future classes to help develop their career.

Corporations can use the selection options below to help build a corporate training plan to achieve identified business objectives.

Both groups can access their classes using Martec’s Learning Management System operated on the Upskill People cloud service. Company branded options are available for corporations.

Alternatively, retail development classes can be installed on the company’s own learning management system or corporate university.

Some of our pricing options also provide for periodic live instructor sessions over the Internet to give corporate clients the benefit of live interaction with a subject matter expert. You can learn more about this option in “Using E-Learning to Improve Business Outcomes”.

Where a wider curriculum is needed including horizontal manager training classes, selling age restricted products, ladder safety, and the like, companies can also licence the relevant Upskill People classes.

Making a Course Selection or Planning A Curriculum

To select individual classes, click on the relevant image below or visit the Learning Paths to plan a complete curriculum.


  Courses for retailers   Courses for consumer goods manufacturers   Courses for those who sell to retailers and consumer goods companies


If you need to on-board new hires effectively or improve retail management skills in your business. Find the right courses here.


If you need to on-board new joiners more effectively or educate existing employees to understand your customers better. Find the right courses here.


If you need to develop industry knowledge for sales, marketing and delivery teams and improve solution selling skills for your sales team. Find the right courses here.



The largest online retail learning portal in the world!

We’re delighted to have partnered with Upskill People to supply a retail friendly, easy to use and multi-lingual Learning Management Platform, together with Upskill’s retail content. This means you can deploy a learning management system in local language across approximately 40 countries. You also have access to over 250 retail specific e-learning classes, the largest online retail learning portal in the world. Find out more here.



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