Upskilling Your People for Bigger Profits and Higher Staff Retention

There are various ways you can approach upskilling your people’s industry knowledge to help grow sales and margin.  The most strategic approach is to use Martec’s career maps and associated learning paths, or let us customize a version to your specific needs.  

Using our vast knowledge and experience of the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry sectors, we have built a number of career maps that show a typical career journey for a number of business areas in these sectors. Then for each job role within each journey we have built a learning path showing a comprehensive list of classes and other resources to achieve the best upskilling result for those roles. Following these learning paths will provide your people with all the necessary skills to do the most to optimise the company’s return on investment. The added bonus is higher staff retention. 

Here's an example. The diagram below shows a possible career map for a technology supplier selling to retailers.


For all the main job roles you can determine how many people need upskilling in that role. Let’s say you have four supply chain consultants you wish to develop further. Clicking on the supply chain consultant icon in the career map will give you the learning path shown below.

A learning path for those involved in retail Supply Chain projects

This learning path shows the list of classes and other resources to achieve the best upskilling result for a supply chain consultant.  

Circles containing a computer symbol are e-learning classes. Circles with the crossed tools symbol are tools the consultant can use in day-to-day work, to help improve their overall performance. Circles containing a book symbol are pages in our Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI and Performance Support System that contain additional content they should study.

At the end of the learning path is a digital badge the learner may earn if they graduate the mastery tests in the learning path. Find out more on our digital badging program here.

Once someone graduates the supply chain consultant learning path, they will have nine key skills. The first three are shown below:

  1. Explain typical organization structures, identify the functional departments and their key executive roles, and their common pain points.
  2. Interview executives and managers to identify operational challenges and potential performance improvements.
  3. Analyze retail financial statements to identify potential ways to grow sales, increase achieved gross margins, reduce expenses, optimize inventory to achieve service level targets and improve cash flow.

You can read the full list here.

Clicking on any of the circles in the learning path will take you to the relevant detail page for more information and single user pricing.

If your company’s products and services do not exactly correlate with this learning path and skillset, Martec will be pleased to help you customize the career map and learning paths to your specific situation.

Next Steps

You can browse the full set of learning paths via the career maps in the two links below:

Working with retailers 

Working with consumer goods manufacturers

You can also download our brochures summarising the full set of skills delivered for companies working with retailers and consumer goods manufacturers at:

Working with retailers

Working with consumer goods manufacturers

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