Solutions Identification To Address Key Goals

Solutions Identification | Martec International

This step in the learning path is available as a group of WIKI pages relating to Solutions Identification within the Retail and Consumer Goods Wiki and EPSS. There are five main ways to improve company performance:

  1. Increase sales, which includes improving customer service
  2. Reduce cost of goods sold, including reducing shrink and waste
  3. Reduce expenses
  4. Reduce interest charges
  5. Improve fixed assets yield, which reduces the depreciation charge from investing in additional capacity assets.

The solution identification section starts with the 5 goals above, breaks them down into more detailed components, identifies potential solutions for each component, the potential benefits of that solution, and any useful metrics to help in quantifying the benefits.  It identifies the various department heads who might be involved in any decision making and implementation.

Initially, this section can inform the desk research to identify possible solutions of relevance to an individual account.  Then as discovery interviews take place, the list of possible solutions can be narrowed down and prioritised.  The benefits information can be a helpful input in discussions with the account.

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