KPI Analyzer Tool

KPI Analyzer Tool | Martec International

The KPI Analyzer Tool is available within the Retail and Consumer Goods Wiki and EPSS as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet which has 4 tabs:

  • Retail KPI Anayzer
  • Consumer Goods KPI Analyzer
  • Retail KPI Norms for Europe
  • Retail KPI Norms for the US.

The tool can be used to do a 5 year comparison of results for one company to get trends in their KPIs or to compare a target account with up to 4 competitors. 

Once the data is entered, the spreadsheet calculates a range of key performance indicators and provides advisory comments.

Guidance on how to calculate KPIs and what to look for with each KPI are included in the Analyzing Retail KPIs class and the Consumer Goods Financials and KPIs class.

If you are already a WIKI/EPSS subscriber you can see a worked example and full explanatory notes here.

The WIKI/EPSS subscription is included free of charge if you buy the Performance Enhancer version of any class, alternately you can purchase it seperately using the link below.

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