Discovery Interview Questions

Discovery Interview Questions are job aids to help sales people engage in conversation with senior retail and consumer goods company management, and identify potential opportunities that they might be able to develop into a sales campaign. Role based discovery interview questions are included free in the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI and EPSS.

The discovery interview question job aids can be customized to a specifc situation, depending on the results of any earlier account research.

The basic format is a list of initial questions, each with answers to listen out for.  If you get one or more of those answers, there is then a follow up set of questions, to help an account manager or sales person hone in further.

There are too many questions for an initial discovery meeting, so the account manager can edit the list for a manageable number based on prior knowledge and desk research.  They can keep the rest to hand, in case the meeting takes an unexpected turn.

If you have an existing WIKI/EPSS subscription you can access the discovery questions here.

The WIKI/EPSS subscription is included free of charge if you buy the Performance Enhancer version of any class, alternately you can purchase it seperately using the link below.


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Discovery interview questions include the following:

  • What each executive is responsible for
  • What their top objectives are for a typical year
  • Challenges they face to accomplish these
  • What keeps them up at night
  • Key questions
  • What answers to listen for
  • What they mean in terms of potential opportunities
  • Notes to help you decipher and interpret the answers

Roles Available:

Common to Retail and Consumer Goods Companies


CFO and Finance Management

Human Resources Management

CIO and IT Executives 


Buying and Merchandising Management

Store Operations Management

Retail Supply Chain Management

Warehouse and Logistics Management

Marketing Executives

E-Commerce and Omni-Channel Executives


Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Manufacturing Executives and Management

Direct to Consumer Leaders

Sales and Marketing Executives

Heads of Category Management

Research and New Product Development Management

Supply Chain Management Executives

Warehouse and Logistics Management