Factors to Consider in Researching Merchandise & Assortment Plans Checklist

Merchandise & Assortment Plans Checklist | Martec International

This step in the learning path is available as content within the Retail and Consumer Goods Wiki and EPSS. This checklist provides an extensive list of factors to consider when starting the process of developing a new merchandise and assortment planning process.  It will help guide the pre-planning research and analysis, the preparation of assumptions to be built into the plan and the impact of market and competitor changes, among other items.  

If you already have a WIKI/EPSS subscription you can access the Document Download facility and find the checklist under the heading Merchandise and Assortment Planning.

The WIKI/EPSS subscription is included free of charge if you buy the Performance Enhancer version of any class, alternately you can purchase it seperately using the link below.

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