Are You Investing in Sales Enablement Software?

14th May 2021


In recent years, a new category of software, known as Sales Enablement solutions, has emerged and started to gain popularity in companies with large sales forces. There are now about 14 providers of significant sales enablement software solutions.

Sales enablement software, implemented well, contributes to performance increases in several ways:

  • Reducing the time salespeople spend searching for the right content to meet their needs
  • Showing new and inexperienced salespeople how their colleagues are using content and job aids effectively
  • Recommending the right content at the right time
  • Driving content adoption by salespeople
  • Helping identify the 40% of sales collateral that helps the salespeople perform, so that new investments can be made in content that will deliver.

A big challenge in adopting a sales enablement solution is in populating it with the content that will really help the sales team. After you have loaded your sales brochures, presentations, videos of demonstrations, etc., what do you do next?

If you sell to retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and their third-party service companies, like logistics suppliers, technology and consulting services suppliers, this is where we come in. Martec International provides some key missing pieces of the jigsaw.

First, we can populate the industry knowledge section with industry definitions, descriptions, market segment information, key financial knowledge, key performance indicators, etc. Second, we provide industry and process training using advanced, high impact and content rich e-learning that can operate stand alone or under the learning management section of your solution.

Thirdly, we provide process descriptions for the core steps in researching accounts, identifying “suspect” opportunities, approaching the companies concerned, getting appointments, conducting discovery focused initial sales meetings, identifying which suspect opportunities are real, creating the right kinds of solution, identifying who to engage in the sales motion, planning and managing the sales process, determining the likely return on investment in your solutions and closing the deals. We not only provide the process steps, but we also provide the content and downloadable job aids to execute those steps well. As an added value service, we can customize our generic content to fit more closely with the specific product and services portfolio that you sell.

If you do not have a sales enablement solution today, we can provide this content and the tools through our existing solutions. We already do this for some of the largest names in the IT industry.

If you need similar support for general manufacturing, financial services, banking, insurance, local government, and health care, we have partnerships with two other companies who provide similar services to ours in those industries, and we can operate as a seamless team - “one throat to choke”.

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