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23rd April 2021

Now that vaccines are being deployed in scale, at least in some countries, many retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are looking forward to the sustained re-opening of stores and deploying their own plans to:

  • Recover from damaging lock downs
  • Adapt to the growth of online retailing and
  • Re-model their businesses to move forward and make up lost ground.

Reformed business processes and significant changes in technology application will be a big part of the recovery. As a consulting firm or technology vendor, now is the time to get your sales and marketing people up to maximum performance.

To help you in this challenge, Martec has launched the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI and EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System).

The WIKI will help you or your team:

  • When they need more depth of information on retailing or the consumer goods sector
  • When they need a key piece of knowledge right NOW!
  • When they want to prepare for an important business meeting
  • When they need to address a specific problem in either the retail or the consumer goods manufacturing industries
  • When they need to develop a sales plan or key account plan
  • When they need useful tools and job aids which can help them day to day.

The product has 8 major sections:

  1. A detailed description of each industry segment and an up-to-date review of the important industry trends in each sector. This includes up to the minute information on how Covid is impacting businesses and driving the need to change processes and systems.
  2. A review of the financial processes and statements in each sector, how to read them, interpret them and analyze them, to identify potential business opportunities in those companies.
  3. A comprehensive review of the technology deployed in each segment and how it is likely to change as we move forward.
  4. A review of typical organization structures, the executives involved, their objectives, challenges, pain points, metrics they get measured by, processes they use in their departments, and their most common systems interests.
  5. A detailed review of the KPIs used in each function, how they are calculated and, in many cases, how they can be improved.
  6. The business processes used in each area, described in best practice terms, so your implementation staff can steer customers in the best direction.
  7. The “solution” or way to achieve each of their objectives and address potential challenges or pains. This is ideal content for helping consultants, project managers and business analysts identify possible solutions from among the products and services they implement.
  8. The sales module – when they need to contribute to developing an account plan based on desk research and detailed account analysis, to identify opportunities, rank them according to size and priority, and initiate contact with the right executives in the account. This module includes downloadable discovery meeting interview questions to help confirm which potential opportunities are real and should be followed through, and guidance on where the return on investment will be for the customer. This module, coupled with 7 above, helps delivery staff identify sell-on opportunities in the account.

Elements of numbers 2, 4, 5 and 6 above, and sections 7 and 8 are the performance support component of the product.

This is not a training class. It is a tool to be used to help perform specific tasks in the team’s day to day workload, for example,

  • Drafting winning emails to get an appointment.
  • Analyzing a company’s balance sheet (current assets section), to determine whether they may have inventory investment challenges.
  • Walking through a store in a structured way and seeing what potential improvement opportunities are suggested. Our store visit assessment tool knows how to interpret what they see walking through.

You can learn more at

The product can be licensed for one year by individuals at the link above.

Corporate licences are available for larger teams. The price depends on company size and likely number of users. For more information, please message me via LinkedIn.


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