Retail Wiki

Why you'll love our Retail Wiki

Our retail Wiki is a powerful just-in-time tool that puts the retail knowledge your professionals need at their fingertips.

The retail Wiki provides your professionals with the ability to do a quick search for an industry term, drill down for additional clarification or gain a deeper understanding of a concept.

The retail Wiki also supports:

Clients internal collateral and tools

Other Martec tools and training

Custom training

And more.....




What information is included in the Wiki

Industry information covered in the Wiki includes:

Industry structure and the main retail formats

Organization structure of retailers and the most important retail executives

Key business processes that retailers use to plan, buy, move and sell products

Key concepts that you need to be aware of in the retail industry

How retailers make money and measure their performance and what they can do to improve their performance

Challenges facing retailers today

Technology used in the retail industry

What you need to know about selling to retailers


Who is the Wiki designed for?

  • Sales teams
  • Marketing professionals
  • Consulting teams
  • Pre-sales teams
  • Anyone who needs to understand the retail industry in more detail

Accessing the Wiki

  • An unlimited corporate license costs $50,000 /€44,000 /£35,000
  • If you also have corporate licenses for our e-learning the cost for an unlimited corporate license reduces to $25,000 /€22,000 /£17,500

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