Retail database

Martec's database is a unique source of information about the retail industry and the technology companies that serve it.  It was developed and is continuously maintained by Martec International, the leading retail consulting and training firm devoted exclusively to the retail industry.


The Database

The database contains information on companies and executives as shown in the table below.



North America



Retail Companies




Retail Executives




Technology Vendors




Vendor Executives





The data held on each company includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number 
  • Company classification (Tier 1, 2 or 3 retailer, tier 1 or 2 vendor indicating size of business)
  • Sub-classification (Fashion, department store, convenience stores, etc)
  • For retailers - category management or merchandise management business model (for supply chain analysis purposes)
  • Annual sales 
  • Number of stores

A tier one retailer is one with sales exceeding US $1bn (UK £500m), tier 2 is $100m to $1bn (UK £30-£500m) and tier three is everyone below $100m (UK £30m) in sales. For the number of employees, as a rule of thumb, 1 employee equates to £100k ($160k) of sales. By looking at the annual sales for a retail company you can estimate the number of employees.


For individual executives, the data includes:

  • Name
  • Salutation
  • Job title
  • Responsibility (e.g. Store Operations, Buying and Merchandising, etc)
  • Seniority (C or Director level contact, below Director level)
  • Email address

Martec provides very high quality data and uses the "date last confirmed in post" to drive its maintenance process.  The data is held in a relational database. Consequently, a wide variety of selections and sorts can be made. The output can be supplied as a MS Excel spreadsheet or a variety of other formats.  Samples can be provided.

Please note - for email addresses we hold these for 98% of the UK, 97% of the US and 95% of the European retail contacts on the database. Martec endeavours to supply accurate data, but there are many factors leading to email bounces that it cannot control. You may experience bounce rates of 10% to 25% of emails supplied, depending on selection criteria. Above 25% Martec will either provide additional names and email addresses to meet your needs or make a proportionate refund at its discretion.


Potential Uses

There are two main types of use for Marbase. The first is direct mail to promote products or services and to build brand image. The second is to undertake various forms of market analysis on retailers or vendors.


Special Requirements

Martec's database development team can undertake a wide variety of special requests, often involving collecting additional data to suit a particular need.



The cost is $650 or £400 per thousand executives subject to a minimum order value of $1,600 or £1000 + VAT. Payment is required in advance and credit card purchases are accepted. Orders are completed in one week unless special requirements are involved. A data refresh costs $650 or £400 + VAT for a 6 monthly and 12 monthly refresh of your initial selection. This fee is payable with your original order.

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