Retail and Consumer Goods Sector Database

Martec's database is a unique source of company and contact information about the retail industry and the consumer goods and technology companies that serve it. It was developed and is continuously maintained by Martec International, the leading retail consulting and training firm devoted exclusively to the retail industry.

“You guys definitely have the right database for us. “

Andrew Reid, Manager, Retail Performance Specialists Ltd.


The database is comprised of 16,356 companies as follows: 


United Kingdom

North America


Rest of the World






Technology Vendor





Consumer Goods Manufacturers






Within these companies there are currently 47,812 contacts as follows:  


United Kingdom

North America 


Rest of the World






Technology Vendor





Consumer Goods Manufacturers






Clients use our database for the following main purposes:

  • Market sizing studies
  • Email and paper mail marketing campaigns to generate awareness, build brand image and generate sales leads
  • Account planning.

Most of our clients buy a finite selection of the database to meet a specific set of sales and marketing objectives. Two characteristics make our database particularly stand out.  The first is the accuracy level achieved and the second is our industry specific coding system, which enables very precisely targeted groups of companies and contacts to be identified and addressed.

There are a variable number of contacts for each company ranging from only a few in a small business to 90 or so in a very large company.



The core data is as follows: 


  • Company type - tier 1,2, or 3  (Tier 1 is sales over US $1bn, tier 2 is $100m to $1bn, tier 3 is under $100m)
  • Company sub-type – approximately 70 retail segments, e.g. hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, fashion stores, etc.  (See our selection spread sheet for full detail of all codes).
  • Annual sales in millions in country currency
  • Number of stores for retailers
  • Major segment, e.g. department stores, online/mail order, small format speciality, large format speciality, grocery, leisure
  • Full address and corporate telephone number
  • Province (UK, Europe, North America, Middle East, Far East, South America, Africa)
  • For retailers, whether inventory is managed using category management or merchandise management processes.


  • Full name
  • Salutation
  • Job title
  • Responsibility (a list of about 25 so that everyone with a buying and merchandising responsibility, for example, can be selected easily even though they might have a wide variety of job titles)
  • Seniority - C/D/Junior (C is VP or above, D is director in the American usage, equivalent to Head of Department or Controller in Europe, junior is mostly managers below Head of Department)
  • Email address (98%)
  • Telephone number
  • No mail markers where appropriate
  • Link to the contact’s LinkedIn profile (65% of database currently).


The data specification is very similar for technology vendors and consumer goods companies, except for specialist fields like number of stores. It can be seen in detail in our data selection specification spread sheet.

When you wish to get a quotation for your specific selection criteria, we ask you to complete the specification spread sheet which we send you.

When a client purchases data, it is supplied in Excel format and can be supplied as CSV if required. It can be loaded into any suitable emailing or CRM system and used as often as you wish. 

The cost of the data is £400 per thousand named individuals (€470 or $520), subject to a minimum order charge of £1,000 (€1160 or $1300).  For an optional percentage paid at the time of order, clients can receive a complete refresh of their selection at 6 months and 12 months after purchase. This is 40% of the minimum order value plus 10% of the order value in excess of the minimum.  Payment is required in advance of sending the data.  All costs exclude United Kingdom VAT. 

We take great care to maintain the quality of our data as best we can. There is no way we can predict that someone in the job today will resign tomorrow, so it is impossible to be perfect.  So this is what we do. Each contact has a last contact date. This is the date we last confirmed that they are still in this role. We drive our maintenance activity on these dates. At the time of writing (mid November 2019) 90% our contacts have been checked since January this year.


To maintain our data we:

  • Clip appointment announcements from a variety of publications, mostly electronic
  • In the US we use corporate web sites, as many US companies give their full senior management team on their web site or in their SEC filings
  • We make extensive use of LinkedIn
  • We update extensively based on our own mailing activities.


You may be aware of the European GDPR initiative which affects all EU countries including the UK.  The UK will continue to honour the standards, if and when there is a Brexit.  Martec spent 8 months elapsed time working on its GDPR implementation plan and we are happy to confirm that we are as compliant with the GDPR legislation as we can be at this stage.  (While the regulations are clear, there will eventually be some case law which may cause them to be modified in future, quite apart from any legislative changes).  We monitor for this possibility and will adapt as necessary.


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