Forecasting, allocation and replenishment

Improve in-stocks, increase sales and reduce inventory holding through better forecasting, allocation and replenishment processes, systems and skills.


Consulting Services

Better forecasting, allocation and replenishment impacts nearly every aspect of retail operations.  Martec works with your team to:

  • Review and benchmark your forecasting, allocation and replenishment processes and recommend improvements
  • Evaluate best methods to use for different situations - fast, medium and slow mover strategies, time series based forecasting or profile based forecasting, which levels in the merchandise hierarchy to forecast at when
  • When to use allocation, when to use replenishment, collections verses individual products
  • Matching the replenishment method to the rate of sale
  • Use of supply chain solutiuons to minimize forecasting error.


IT Strategy and System Selection

If you are planning to implement new forecasting, allocation and replenishment systems Martec will:

  • Ensure your team makes effective use of existing forecasting, allocation and replenishment systems and information
  • Guide and assist the selection and implementation of new forecasting, allocation and replenishment systems including evaluating vendors.



Martec has developed the definitive instructor led training course on Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment which can be tailored to suit your system and business processes.


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