Merchandise management

Improving sales and inventory management to apply best practices, maximizing sales, margins, turn and optimizing GMROI (Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment).


Consulting Services

Martec specializes in designing and implementing best practice retail business processes.  We cover all the merchandise management processes including merchandise and range planning (assortment planning), category planning, forecasting, allocation and replenishment, Open to Buy (OTB), Weekly Sales, Stock and Intake (WSSI), and supplier performance monitoring.

Martec works with retailers to develop optimum multi-channel merchandise management processes for their business.  This includes reviewing current processes, benchmarking against relevant KPIs and competitors, and recommending improved processes to increase sales, customer service and profitability.


IT Strategy and System Selection

If you are planning a new merchandise management system Martec will:

  • Ensure the business makes effective use of existing systems and information.
  • Guide and assist the selection and implementation of a new system.



Martec has a number of merchandise management training courses to suit different levels of experience including:


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