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The 'State of the Retail Supply Chain 2017', conducted by Martec International on behalf of Relex Solutions, explores the state of supply chain planning and execution in retail covering all aspects from forecasting and replenishment challenges to, omni-channel, supply chain visibility, technology and more. For the third consecutive year, the study highlights the key business challenges and priorities for supply chain managers across the European retail industry. The study is based on interviews with 80 retailers with annual sales in excess of €100 million.

Retailers can reduce forecasting risks and improve margins by implementing speed sourcing and fast fashion techniques.

This white paper looks at the main ways to reduce lead times, allow for more accuracy in follow on orders and enable the retailer to forecast need closer to the point of demand.

This white paper reviews various aspects of retail financial management and draws important lessons for small and mid-size retailers. The paper addresses a wide range of topics that impact a retailer's financial success.  

This paper introduces various supply chain concepts and explains their importance. It describes initiatives being undertaken by the largest retailers and reviews what small and mid-size firms need to do to compete.

This report covers some key tips on how to compete and win more retail clients.

A white paper designed for retailers looking at ways to make their training more effective. The benefits of e-learning vs. instructor led training are discussed. Guidance on costs is given. A summary of current best practice is shown. 

This white paper offers five timely investments to accelerate your business.

These are:

  • Unified core systems,
  • Retail optimization,
  • Online and multi-channel retailing,
  • Rapid format deployment (overseas or domestic, via direct investment, joint venture, or franchise),
  • Customer relationship management.


This white paper gives 10 tips for launching e-learning in your company, some of these may sound obvious but it is surprising how often they are overlooked.



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