Account Planning Tool

Retail Account Planning Tool

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Price: $160.00

This tool guides a sales team through a solution selling approach to account research and analysis, to identify potential business opportunities in an account.

Product: APT001


Account Planning Tool

Martec’s account planning tool guides a sales team through a solution selling approach to account research and analysis, to identify potential business opportunities in an account, using templates and job aids specific to the retail or consumer goods industry.


Who Is It Suitable For?

This tool is designed for sales people who sell or market to retailers and need to prepare account plans based on customer research and fact finding. It is ideal for companies using a solution selling approach for technology related solutions.


More Details of the Tool

This tool uses a methodology to help identify a series of “suspect opportunities” in an account based on a structured desk research and analysis process using associated Martec tools supplied as part of the Account Planning Tool. These possible opportunities are identified from:

  • Issues that were obvious in the desk research
  • Issues that become apparent after one or more store visits guided by the Martec Store Visit Assessment Tool
  • Possible issues identified in the Performance Gaps Analysis process using metrics computed in the KPIs analysis tool and compared to competitors and Martec supplied industry benchmarks
  • Reviewing the company business goals and critical success factors, aided by the Martec Solution Chains analysis tool
  • Reviewing the SWOT analysis aided by the Solution Chains Analysis Tool.

Having identified a series of suspect opportunities, the account planning tool then helps map out a process for contacting the company to qualify the opportunities and determine which ones are worth investing time in. This stage includes example scripts for initial contact letters, emails or telephone calls to help get appointments with the right executives.

Then when initial discovery meetings are arranged, the tool provides an initial list of discovery questions based on the executives responsibilities and the suspect opportunities to be probed. As answers are achieved, they can be compared with our interpretation tool to help firm up the real opportunities.

The last part of the tool helps develop the sales plan to follow through on the discovery meetings to close business.

Thorough attention to the desk research phase will increase the results obtained with the tool.


Benefits of Using the Tool

This tool is especially valuable to account managers and sales executives new to the retail industry and new to holding meetings with executives outside the IT function. But it will also be a valuable aid in dealing with IT executives as many look for retail industry expertise in potential solution providers.

The ultimate benefit is to close more deals.



The tool is supplied free of charge for subscribers to the Martec Retail and Consumer Goods WIKI and is embedded in the WIKI itself, with all templates and tools downloadable as needed.

For those without access to the Martec WIKI the tool can be purchased for a one off price of US $160, or UK £100 or EU €145.


Pre-Requisites of Using the Tool

Those wishing to use the Account Planning Tool effectively are recommended to study the Retail Induction and Account Manager learning paths first. If they have some prior retail experience, they can skip the modules they feel comfortable with already and just licence the modules they need. These are available separately.

Everyone is recommended to study the Target Account Research and Analysis module irrespective of how much experience they have.