Target Account Research and Analysis

Target Account Research and Analysis
Planning phases of solution selling process
Executive interview checklists
Target Account Research and AnalysisPlanning phases of solution selling processExecutive interview checklists
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Product type: E-Learning course

This course teaches how to research a retail account and how to analyze the data found to develop possible opportunities in the target account.

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Target Account Analysis and Research

This course teaches how to research a retail account and how to analyze the data found to develop possible opportunities in the target account. It includes quantitative and qualitative analysis using financial analysis, key performance indicator analysis and interpretation of articles from various sources.

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Who Is It Suitable For?

This program is designed for:

  • People who sell or market to retailers.
  • It is also valuable as induction training for retail management trainees and for IT teams and consultants who need to understand individual companies in more depth.


Detailed Content

The detailed content includes:

  • Account planning and analysis process
  • Planning phases of the solution selling process
  • Store visit analysis tool
  • Desk research sources
  • Pre-account planning research
  • Things to look for check list
  • Financial analysis case study
  • Selecting a peer group
  • Productivity comparison case study against peer group
  • Analysis of desk research and other knowledge
  • Current issues in the account
  • The account plan
  • Your company’s issues, factors and barriers analysis
  • SWOT analysis of the account
  • SWOT analysis case study
  • Business goals and critical success factors for the account
  • Example business goals and critical success factors
  • Possible (suspect) opportunities
  • An important observation
  • Executive interview check lists
  • Some key questions to ask
  • Targeted question guide
  • Summary
  • Mastery test
  • Learners completing the mastery test and obtaining an 80% pass mark will also receive a mastery certificate upon completion.


Benefits of Studying This Program

Learners studying this program will be able to do a detailed analysis of their target accounts, identify suspect opportunities, prioritise the most valuable ones first and identify who to contact in the account to move a sales forward using a solution selling approach.


Hours of Study

2 hours


Resources Included

The class includes the following downloadable resources for printing and review:

  • Account planning process & template
  • Desk research things to look for checklist
  • Store visit analyzer tool
  • Desk research sources
  • Initial interview questions by job function



The price for a single student isUS $68, or UK £54 or EU €62. This includes one year’s access to the class.

Corporate licences are available.


Pre-Requisites Necessary

Fundamentals of Retail suite.


After This Program

The next logical program in developing the learners’ knowledge is Developing The Sales Plan.