Retail Solution Selling Suite

Retail Solution Selling Suite
Solution selling vs poroduct selling
Target account research and analysis
Retail Solution Selling SuiteSolution selling vs poroduct sellingTarget account research and analysis
Price: $360.00

Product type: E-Learning course

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The Retail Solution Selling suite comprises 5 e-learning classes covering many aspects of solution selling to retailers.

Product: EL67

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Retail Solution Selling Suite

The Retail Solution Selling suite comprises 5 e-learning classes covering many aspects of solution selling to retailers. It does not teach sales skills but instead teaches sales people how to apply their retail knowledge to sell more successfully. Programs in the suite are available separately.

To view a sample of the Building a Business Case and ROI model module from this suite select the Video tab.


Who Is It Suitable For?

This suite is designed for:

  • People who sell or market to retailers, especially IT suppliers and consultants.
  • Those who market to retailers to get their content specified in retail products
  • Those who sell services to IT suppliers and consultants focused on the retail industry.


Detailed Content

The suite consists of 5 modules:

Each module has its own mastery test. Learners completing the mastery test and obtaining an 80% pass mark will also receive a mastery certificate upon completion.


Benefits of Studying This Program

Learners studying this program will gain a deep understanding of how to use their retail knowledge to increase their sales success significantly. They will learn how to engage important executives outside the IT function and how to present their proposition in a form that Chief Financial Officers will readily relate to.


Customer Feedback

Survey results from over 1,900 learners who studied our programs in 2020 gave us an average score of 4.3 out of 5 in response to questions such as “Has this course helped you do your job better” and “How likely would you be to recommend the course to a friend or colleague?”

You can read some of our reviews by clicking the Review tab above.


Hours of Study

The complete suite will take about 6 hours to study, though we recommend short sessions of 30 minutes or so at a time to improve comprehension and retention. Individual times for each module are given on the product page for that module.


Resources Included

Individual modules include a variety of downloadable resources which can be viewed in the class page for each module.



The price for a single student is US $360, or UK £288 or EU €331. This includes one year’s access to the class.

Corporate licences are available


Pre-Requisites Necessary



After This Program

The next logical program following on from this suite is Negotiating with Retailers, which addresses the unique characteristics of negotiating with retailers and addresses topics like pre-negotiation planning, what retailers will try on you, how you can counter or react to those moves and how to get a win-win. See the Negotiating with Retailers product pages for more information.


Caroline Proctor, CMO, justenough said...
"I recently took Martecs Building the Business Case and ROI eLearning course, part of the Retail Solution Selling Suite, and found it very informative and helpful. The information is presented in a very organized, straightforward and clear manner. Martec shows you how to build a solid ROI model using commonly available financial statements and metrics. ROI estimates are often requested by prospects during sales cycles and what we took away from the training will enable us to help prospects justify investments and accelerate sales cycles."
Star Rating 5