10 Person Blended Learning Retail Value Engineering Package

10 Person Blended Learning Retail Value Engineering Package

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Price: $6,800.00

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Product: EL11

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This course is designed for people who sell or market to retailers. It ensures that you can articulate the benefits of your solution using Key Performance Indicators that retailers use. This ensures you will increase sales to retailers by a more targeted approach.

It also includes a weekly one hour coaching session, one per main lesson, conducted via a web-meeting and facilitated by a Martec consultant. Participants get the opportunity to submit questions in advance, have them answered by the expert and receive a refresh of the key subject matter. They can also ask ad hoc questions as they occur and talk about how best to use the knowledge.

This blended delivery approach provides a convenient middle option between a full instructor-led class and pure e-learning without coaching. It saves on travel and lodging costs, minimizes disruption to sales person productivity and provides reinforcement to make sure that students complete the program diligently.