10 Person Blended Learning Understanding Retail Package

10 Person Blended Learning Understanding Retail Package

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Product: EL09

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This course is designed for people who sell or market to retailers.  It provides a detailed understanding of the retail industry and how it works, enabling more effective sales calls and improved partnerships with retailers.  The course provides 8-10 hours of training depending on student speed.

It also includes a weekly one hour coaching session, one per main lesson, conducted via a web-meeting and facilitated by a Martec consultant.  Participants get the opportunity to submit questions in advance, have them answered by the expert and receive a refresh of the key subject matter.  They can also ask ad hoc questions as they occur and talk about how best to use the knowledge.

This blended delivery approach provides a convenient middle option between a full instructor-led class and pure e-learning without coaching.  It saves on travel and lodging costs, minimizes disruption to sales person productivity and provides reinforcement to make sure that students complete the program diligently.