Selling and Marketing to Retailers and Consumer Goods Companies

The who's who of the retail technology and consumer goods industry uses our training to make their sales and marketing teams more productive, including companies like Microsoft, SAP, IBM, NetSuite, Hewlett Packard, BT, WiPro, Dell, NCR, Intel, Kewill, Cognizant and many others.

Equip yourself or your sales and marketing team to do the best possible job generating retail and consumer goods business.

Give your account managers the approaches and confidence to open doors, help them speak the retail and consumer goods language, ask the questions and identify more opportunities.

Help them close more business by making the best possible business case based on what they've learned.

Browse each part of our integrated curriculum below to see how it can help you achieve more.

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Why Should You Buy E-learning?

Because Martec’s training results in better customer service, higher sales, improved gross margins, lower training expenses, greater inventory productivity and lower employee attrition. Click here to get the full story.

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