Buying & Merchandising

If you want an introductory course, select Buying, Merchandising and Category Management. Select the second option for a deeper education in Buying and Merchandising. Take the third option for a deeper education in sales and inventory management from a B&M perspective.


Buying, Category and Merchandise Management e-learning course   Buying and Merchandising training, e-learning course   Sales and Inventory Management training, e-learning


If you need a role specific understanding of retail financials this first class is for you. Merchandise and Assortment Planning, Forecasting and Allocation and Replenishment go deeper into these more advanced subjects. Space management and Visual Merchandising gives you a deeper understanding of how to plan space deployment and present merchandise to shoppers.  If you are really looking for a performance support tool rather than training, review the information page on the Retail and Consumer Goods WIKI.


Retail Financials for Buyers and Merchandisers e-elarning course   Merchandise and Assortment Planning e-elearning   Retail Forecasting e-learning
Allocation and Replenishment e-learning    

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