Martec Birthday Comments

Warren Ryland, MarFrame

Congratulations Brian and Martec International. It’s been a joy working with you and Frances Riseley on a number of very successful projects into the Retail sector.

Melissa Cupis, Healthcare Workers' Foundation (was at AGR Dynamics)

Congratulations. I think I have known you both about 32 years - now that makes me feel old!

Howard Stein, PSI
Brian, congratulations and Happy Birthday!


Mitch Friedmann, Mobility Consulting (was AIS, Dassault, SAP)
Hey Guys, Cheers to you both! We have actually been getting younger not older!! The best is yet to come! Mitch


Paul Pitman
A great description of a great organisation. Congratulations Brian, and here's to the future.


Tom Friedmann, Rolling Thunder Ventures
Congrats on all your accomplishments. I have known of you and Martec since your early years.


Denise Brasse, Aerospace (was NRF)
Congratulations, Brian! Glad to see you and your company are still going strong.


Mani N Subramaniam, Litmus7 (was Genpact, Wipro)
Congratulations, Brian. You're doing a great job!


Tim Barton
Many congratulations Brian!! Long may Martec continue to be successful!


Terry Mullen, nThrive
Congrats Brian. Well done!!!


Shawn Mellas, DID Electrical
A hearty congratulations to you all.


Cindy Hedmann, Elms Consultancy (was Legend)
Fantastic Brian - congratulations to you and the team


Patricia Vekich Waldron, Vision Firsaul
Well done and congratulations to you and your team, Brian. And thank you for the many projects you’ve done over the years during my time with ICL, Cognos and IBM


Nina Kavtaradze, HSO
Congratulations Brian with your company anniversary! It is always a great pleasure to work with you!


Simon Pickard, Collier Pickard
Congratulations Brian - and the rest of the team. It's been both a pleasurable and informative many years working with you.


David Hughes (was K3, Reflexis, Red Prairie, SAS, JDA)
Congratulations Brian Hume, it’s wonderful to see you are still so successful, a real testament to you and your team. Looking back, I think It was the late eighties when we first met, with Ron Bose at APT. That makes me feel very old.


John Dickinson, Tata (was Wincor, Paul Mason)
Congratulations Brian - must be well over 20 years since we first crossed paths!


Richard Coglin, Sensormatic   
Congratulations Brian!


Carla Soares Almeida, AI4MedImaging (was Wipro)
Congratulations Brian


Teisha Moseley, o9 Solutions
Happy to have been a part of Martec's history!


Phil Chapman, (was Retail Assist, Itim)
A fantastic achievement


Helene Le Guern, Grow My Tree, (was Iggesund)
Congratulations Brian and the Martec International team!


Mark Welcome
Brian, Congratulations


Alan Morris, Clekt (was Retail Assist, Compass)
Congratulations and happy birthday.