FAQs - Accessing the Courses

How do I access Martec training courses | Martec International

I’m buying a class.  How do I get access and how quickly?

Once your payment has been authorised, you will be emailed an account name and password to access our Learning Management System, and a set of instructions telling you which URL (web link) to go to and what to do then.  This normally takes no more than 15 minutes, and you can start learning. 

Can I access the training from a number of devices?

Yes, you can access the training from more than one device. For example, you may want to study at work and also at home.

How often can I access the training course?

As many times as you like within the licence period. This allows you to revise key concepts whenever you need to.

My computer screen is not displaying the class properly.  What do I need to do?

The first thing to do is clear your browser cache and then re-start the class.  Your browser help should tell you how to clear the cache.  If the problem does not go away after that then contact your company IT help desk.  If you still think it’s a problem caused by the class, send us a message via Ask The Expert or send an email to support@martec-international.com giving us your telephone contact details and state your time zone.