Selling and Marketing to Retailers

23rd January 2019

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23rd January 2019 Inventory KPIs in retail part 2

  The other important inventory KPIs retailers use are: Fresh stock percent In a fashion business, fresh stock percent is an important indicator. It shows how much newness ...

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23rd November 2018 Inventory KPIs in retail part 1

  Stock or inventory turn is the most usual measure of the efficiency of inventory control. It is the number of times within a period, usually one year, which the ...

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10th October 2018 Sales KPIs in retail part 2

Sales per square foot or metre Space is a valuable and costly asset.  Retailers use a number of methods to help increase returns on their selling space.  These are usually ...

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20th September 2018 Sales KPIs in Retail part 1

  Sales KPIs are the most commonly used in retail. First of all, we will look at sales vs. last year, sales vs. plan and like-for-like sales. These are used in almost ...

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7th September 2018 The KPIs that retailers really use

If you are new to retail you will need to know the key performance indicators that companies like yours use to manage company performance. This handy chart summarises the main ones. The ...

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10th August 2018 Retail Industry Profitability Drivers

  When selling to retailers there are only four ways to improve their profitability. These are: 1. Increase sales This can be done by in many ways including opening more stores, ...

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6th July 2018 Solution Selling Verses Product Selling

When sales people first started selling they sold products and for a long time product selling was the only way of selling. Product selling is about finding the people that need your ...

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