No Surprise The Consumer Goods and Retail Scores Are In

7th May 2021


It’s no great surprise. This year our industry training has sold better in the Consumer Goods Manufacturing sector than the Retail Sector. Nearly 40% more.

This is because consumer goods manufacturers, while experiencing disruption due to the pandemic, have not suffered as much as retailers.

The consulting and technology vendor communities continued to buy our industry training to equip their sales and delivery teams to do the best job possible for their customers.

Why do they buy from us? Because we do much more than superficial training. We teach industry knowledge at a deep enough level for salespeople to identify real business opportunities and, when they do make a sale, for their delivery colleagues to understand how to implement more successfully.

But we don’t only teach industry knowledge, we teach salespeople how to use that knowledge to sell more effectively. We teach delivery people, consultants, project managers and business analysts, how to really solve the client’s business problems when they implement. That’s the Martec difference. How do we achieve it? Our training is built by people that worked in these industries for many years and solved many business challenges. Our survey scores show how well our training works.

Among other questions in our user surveys, we ask four scored questions, each on a scale of zero to ten:

  • Has this course helped you achieve your personal goals?
  • Has this course helped you do your job better?
  • How likely would you be to recommend this course to a friend or colleague?
  • How would you rate the class overall?

Based on 3,700 completed user surveys, the average answer to each of these questions ranges between 8.74 and 8.86. These scores show how successful and valuable our training has been to those that have enrolled.

So, if your sales, marketing and delivery teams need a better understanding of their customer’s business, or your delivery teams need deeper industry knowledge to maximize results for your clients, send me a LinkedIn message asking how we can help you accomplish this.


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