IT Strategy and System Selection

8th November 2018

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8th November 2018 Choosing an EPOS System is Getting Harder

According to Martec’s database of worldwide retail software, there are 123 companies offering EPOS solutions to the English speaking world. Most of those are small companies selling ...

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27th September 2018 New EPOS Where's the Return on Investment

Most retailers are on their second or third generation of EPOS systems and many are gearing up for their fourth. The very early adopters, mostly in the US, deployed IBM’s ...

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31st August 2018 Achieving the Benefits from Systems Implementation

Many companies insist on a return on investment analysis being prepared to justify a large investment in new systems. However, many companies do not achieve the predicted benefits ...

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19th July 2018 Factors to Consider When Creating a Supplier Scorecard

Selecting a supplier of software is a complex process. Some sales organisations are very good at presenting themselves and less good at delivery. Some are good at delivery but you might ...

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