Return Fraud Keeps Growing

Return Fraud Keeps Growing

NRF also released data on returns fraud from a survey by Apriss retail. Key types of return fraud are:

- Returns of used, non-defective merchandising, known as wardrobing (49% respondents)
- Return of shoplifted or stolen merchandise (44%
- Merchandise returned previously purchased on stolen or fraudulent tender (37%)
- Return fraud from organized retail crime groups - ORC (20%)
- Fraudulent claims for missed, late, or damaged deliveries - the fastest growing category.

NRF anticipates that fraudulent returns will total $25bn when the Christmas holiday season results are all in. 

There are many steps retailers can take to reduce the risk of fraud, too many to list in this post, but Martec will publish a free checklist you can download in a few weeks time.

Posted by Brian Hume
9th February 2024

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