Computer Vision Is Coming of Age

Computer Vision Is Coming of Age

Computer Vision is coming of age thanks to AI.  There are applications now to detect attempted thefts in store.  AI applications can alert the store duty manager to instances of behaviour that could be suspicious.  There are also examples of retailers using the technology to detect empty store shelves that need replenishing immediately.  These are occasionally coupled with robot technology so the robot can wander the store using one camera system to identify issues to address.  Another good one, especially in the US, is detecting cars that have parked in bays reserved for online shoppers collecting kerbside pickup orders, to read the car licence plate and alert store staff to the need to respond. 

Other uses include detecting which fruit is being scanned at self and staffed checkouts to avoid deliberate misidentification when bar codes for less costly varieties have been used to generate false bar codes. 

More accurate inventory figures can help advanced demand forecasting and replenishment systems do better.  This technology is still in its infancy but is showing great promise.  When developing your IT strategy, it needs to be considered in your plans, and costs can be reduced by planning current architecture and platform strategies that keep your choices open. 

You can read a longer version of this minute with more detailed insight on what to do at Retail and Consumer Goods Industry WIKI and EPSS, if you or your company have a licence.

Posted by Brian Hume
3rd March 2024

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