Empower And Upskill Your Retail And Consumer Products Sales Force

Think 70:20:10 To Empower and Upskill Your Retail and Consumer Products Sales Force

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Training professionals will be familiar with the notion of 70:20:10.

The 70:20:10 Learning Model

The 70:20:10 model says that formal training addresses 10% of the education that people need in a job. 20% comes from management guidance, coaching, mentoring and assistance from experienced colleagues. Fully 70% comes from on-the-job training, which could include micro-learning, problem solving, project work and similar activities.

So, how does Martec International help you achieve the maximum impact for your sales, marketing and implementation professionals addressing retailing and consumer products manufacturing? It works like the table and chart below:

Table showing how Martc addresses the 70:20:10 model

Classes deliver a lot of content and retention over time is harder. Coaching and problem-solving sessions reinforce learning and improve retention. Adding micro-learning in the flow of work based around key business processes supported by relevant job aids, builds skill levels and maximizes retention.

Chart showing learning progression in the flow of work

Someone joining the company and going through induction, can take one or more classes to build their base level of knowledge. Everyone needs to do this early in a new career, so they have a good foundation to build on. During the classes and after, they can be optionally enrolled in live instructor web-based workshops to practice skills and allow interaction with a live instructor. Thereafter they can access the WIKI/EPSS to improve their knowledge of individual topics, micro-learn as they work on opportunities and assignments, and access the job aids that will help them perform better. You can learn more about the WIKI here.

When they need to, perhaps driven by a project, they can take additional classes on specialist subjects. For example, you might want a marketeer or a pre- or post-sales consultant to learn how to do industry focused ROI models which will stand scrutiny by a Chief Financial Officer. As they progress over time, their knowledge builds along with their experience and a percentage of them can move into management in sales, marketing, or delivery and some can become coaches to others and/or members of a sales enablement team.

Our pricing structure works for individuals who want to progress their own careers and for departmental leaders or Human Resources executives who want to provide large scale training for a big population, or who want to establish or enhance their corporate academy.

For more information and to get trial access to our product portfolio, email me at brian.hume@martec-international.com. You’ll be in good company. Several of the world’s largest technology vendors and a large group of smaller companies and consulting firms use our training to educate their teams.

Posted by Brian Hume
17th June 2022

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