Learning In The Flow Of Work - A Big Trend In Performance Improvement

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Post- Covid, countries will need to jump start their economies and executives and training professionals know that they need to improve the skill levels of large numbers of employees, to cope with all the changes caused by the pandemic. This is especially true in retailing and consumer products manufacturing, which have been impacted by store closures, online retail growth, supply chain disruptions, the growth of direct to consumer for CP companies and many other factors.

Training needs to be delivered in the most effective way post Covid and a key aspect of this is learning in the flow of work. But what does this mean if you are a consulting firm or technology vendor selling to retailers or CP companies?

Suppose you have a sales role. You need to perform a sales process, which might contain a series of steps like those shown in the following table.

Chart showing the best ways to perform different aspects of skills training for a sales person selling to retailers

This example relates to salespeople. You could also do the same for your delivery professionals, except that the base content is more about the processes the various functions use in their specific areas, and the performance support tools which are appropriate to the tasks those people need to perform.

Martec International provides the following:

  • A portfolio of e-learning classes which address the base training needs for sales and marketing and delivery professionals for the retail and consumer goods manufacturing sectors.
  • A series of added value services which make our e-learning more effective than many others. This is evidenced by over 5,300 user surveys which collectively rate our products as 4.3 stars out of 5 (or 86% from another perspective).
  • Hundreds of micro-learning snippets included in our retail and consumer goods industry WIKI and EPSS, plus industry white papers on topics such as the retail and cost methods of accounting, available when you need to know. The WIKI has a very efficient search facility to help you find what you need in seconds and it is mobile friendly for those who need information on the road.
  • A series of checklists and downloadable performance support tools, such as our discovery interview question aids.

Our e-learning programs provide base education for those new to the industry or those working in new areas they were not familiar with before. Our micro-learning snippets and performance support features are our response to the demand for learning in the flow of work and hopefully the above table clarifies how this works and illustrates how it can make your teams more effective.

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Posted by Brian Hume
17th February 2022

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